Delivery to S3

Deliveries from Ursa Space Systems are posted to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket. This bucket is specific to your organization and owned and operated by Ursa Space Systems.


Prior to integration onboarding, you will send Ursa the AWS Account ID of the AWS account you will be using for integration with Ursa and receipt of deliveries. During integration onboarding, Ursa will provide you with:

  •  our AWS Account ID
  •  an External ID
  •  Role Name

These three pieces of information are then used to access your deliveries in the S3 bucket. The External ID is a secret shared between you and Ursa and should be stored, handled, and transferred securely. Ursa will also provide you with the S3 bucket name in which you will receive deliveries. This bucket name will also be provided per delivery as part of the S3 URL.

Accessing your Deliveries

To access your deliveries, you can use the AWS Web Console, Command-Line Interface (CLI), or any supported client libraries in order to access the files, according to the provided link, in the S3 bucket.

In order to access the S3 bucket, you will need to use AWS’s Security Token Service (STS) to assume the appropriate role.

How to Assume a Role in the AWS Web Console

Your AWS user must haveSTS:AssumeRole 

  • Click the dropdown menu on your username in the main Ursa AWS account and click Switch Roles
  • Enter the Account ID, Role, and Display name and click Switch Role
  • To switch back, click the dropdown and click Back to (username)

For further information and for guidance on using STS in the AWS CLI or client libraries, refer to the AWS documentation: