Imagery Request Order (Manual)

You can request an image by emailing:

When you request an image, provide the following information:

  • Financial Budget: How many dollars can be spent fulfilling the request?

  • Collection Quantity: <Single> or <Recurring Weekly/Monthly/Every Orbit/Every N Days>

  • Imaging Vendor: Optional. <Airbus> or <Capella> or <eGeos> or <ICEYE> or <MDA> or <SIIS>

  • Imaging Mode: <Stripmap> or <Spotlight> or Vendor-specific Mode. Optional if Image Resolution Provided.

  • Image Resolution (Min/Max): <XX.X to YY.Y meters> Optional if Imaging Mode provided.

  • Imaging Date Constraints: <YYYY-MM-DD through YYYY-MM-DD>

  • Incidence Angle Min/Max: Optional. Specify <XX-YY Degrees> if known.

  • Polarization: Optional. <HH> or <HV> or <VH> or <VV> Default to standard vendor mode if no requirement.

  • Location: <See Attached KML(s>) and attach as ZIP file, or Specify <(Lat, Lon) = (XX.XXXXX, YY.YYYYY)>

  • Delivery Formats: <SICD> and/or <GEC Projection> and/or <GTC Projection> and/or <POV Projection>

  • Other Constraints: Optional. Coherent Pairs, Noncoherent Pairs, InSAR, etc.