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Detailed Endpoint

Detailed endpoint: GET /api/data/detailed/find

Part 1: Login Endpoint

Part 2: Aggregate Endpoint

Part 3: Detailed Endpoint


Requests directed at the detailed endpoint will return tank by tank data.

Request format (detailed endpoint)

The basic form for the detailed request is: 


Timestamp should take the form YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ based on ISO 8601 standard. No quotes, single or double, are used around any values. 

Multiple qry_<FieldName>=<Value> pairs can be utilized by appending with an ampersand. A list of queryable fields and valid values is available later in this document. 

 There are multiple time range options: ReportTime, PublishTime and ResultTime. Only once time range type can be queried on at a time, and the start date must be before the end date.  See the data dictionary for time parameter definitions.

To find the queryable values for a field with the API itself, try sending a request to the aggregate endpoint and grouping by the axis you are interested in. E.g., qry_SubscriptionType=China and grp_ValueOf=LocationName would show you all the valid LocationName values in China. 


Query for all tank measurements with April report dates:


Query for China tank measurements published between May 22, 2020 and May 23, 2020


Query for refinery tanks in Nigeria from Jan 1, 2020 to Feb 1, 2020


Response format (detailed endpoint) 


    “queryRequestId”: “<GUID>”,

    “queryTime”: “<ISO 8601 Timestamp>”,

    “queryUrl”: “detailed/find”,

    “queryParameters”: {

        “qry_Country”: [



        “qry_ReportTime_end”: [

            “<ISO 8601 Timestamp>”


            “qry_ReportTime_start”: [

            “<ISO 8601 Timestamp>”


    “links”: {},

    “queryResult”: {

        “records”: [{

                “tankEntityId”: null,

                “reportTime”: “2020-02-13T14:00:00.000Z”,

                “resultTime”: “2020-02-07T03:43:21.000Z”,

                “record”: {

                    “coordinates”: {

“axis_Algorithm”:”V3 Auto Sentinel”,

                        “axis_Company”: “Baniyas Refining Company”,

                        “axis_Country”: “Syria”,

                        “axis_CrudeConfidence”: “Yes”,

                        “axis_IsOecd”: “false”,

                        “axis_LocationName”: “Baniyas”,

                        “axis_Region”: “Middle East”,

                        “axis_ReportTime”: “2020-02-13T14:00:00.000Z”,

                        “axis_StorageType”: “Refinery”,

                        “axis_SubscriptionType”: “All Regions,MENA”,

                        “axis_TankEntity”: “BAN001”,

                        “axis_TerminalName”: “SCOT (Baniyas)”,

                        “axis_Territory”: “Tartus”,

“axis_Sensor”: “HIMIAGE”,


                    “values”: {

                        “capacityBarrels”: 218594,

                        “cylinderHeightM”: 17.7,

“errorBarrels”: 832,

                        “fillBarrels”: 66851,

                        “heightDropM”: 12.287,

                        “latitude”: 35.2189,

                        “longitude”: 35.9657,

                        “radiusAverageM”: 25